Happy Mother’s Day! Here are some sweet & funny Mother’s Day Gifs…

Happy Mother’s Day! Here are some sweet & funny Mother’s Day Gifs…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies, surrogate mommies, and soon-to-be mommies out there!  If you haven’t sent your mom a mother’s day gift, then send her a Mother’s Day GIF!  Here’s a collection of some of the sweetest and funniest (depending on your sense of humor) mother’s day inspired gifs!  Enjoy!


Oh Dumbo and Dumbo’s mommy… this one kills me.


I love you Mommie Dearest.

No matter your situation, things always could have been worse I guess.


For all the idiot moms out there…


For all the single moms…


Maybe buy her a new pair of Mom Jeans?!


There are no words… this is just genius.





Sainsbury’s Cinematic Christmas Commercial… have you seen it?! Feeling moved or manipulated?

Have you seen the latest Sainsbury’s Christmas commercial?

First, it’s GORGEOUS.  I have never seen an ad more beautifully shot.  The score is fantastic.  Cinematically, it’s brilliant.  For those reasons, I loved it.  (Who shot this?!  I must work with you!  Call me!)  If you haven’t seen it, watch it here and meet us all below!

Okay.  Wow.  Did you watch it?  How are you feeling?  Did you like it?  It’s beautiful isn’t it?  Otherwise, what did you think?  My first thought: “Wow that’s nice, but that never would have happened.”

Well, I am pleased to say: I clearly didn’t pay any attention in history class and was wrong.  It did happen!  If you didn’t pay attention in history class either, don’t worry.  I Wikipedia’ed it.  Here’s the short version…

On Christmas Eve 1914, well after World War I began, the Allies and German soldiers sang Christmas carols to each other from opposite trenches.  And, just as the commercial shows, they peacefully gathered in ‘no man’s land’, sharing hugs, smiles, holiday cheer and even had a football match (aka soccer game).  This impromptu cease-fire would later be known as the “Christmas Truce of 1914“.

I’m definitely a sucker for marketing, but despite the fact that the actual purpose of a commercial is to sell something, I personally believe that this Sainsbury’s ad captures what the holidays are really supposed to be about: peace and love.

Strange to think that a commercial could do that.

But then, on the other-hand, I also found it really depressing…  It’s about World War I.

You see the humanity in these people and despite their brief joy and laughter, you know how World War I plays out: poison gas, over nine-million soldiers killed, devastation across Europe, etc.  It’s depressing.  I don’t think that’s the emotion the ad agency was going for.  But that’s cool… I can’t shop at Sainsbury’s anyway; I live in LA.

Sorry to kill the mood.  I’ll just watch the first half again.

Okay.  I’m better.

Did Sainsbury’s exploit a horrific time in history to sell groceries and candy bars?  Were we just emotionally manipulated?  Does that even matter since it was so gorgeously shot?  Or have we all grown too cynical and, marketing aside, was the commercial really just meant to inspire?

What do you think?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.  In the meantime… I’m wishing you and everyone you love a joyful, peaceful, healthy and memorable Holiday Season!  Cheers!